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My Background


Hi there! I’m Kelsey, your guide and source toward elevated balance. I opened up this space in early 2021 to bring health and wellness to Janesville and surrounding communities. It’s been an honor thus far connecting with established and new clients.


I’ve performed massage therapy for the last 10 years, both independently and clinic based. Prior to Elevated Balance, I was a provider in the complementary medicine department within a large local health system. I’ve worked one-on-one with diverse clients including athletes, post-surgery patients, chronic pain clients, and anyone seeking rehabilitation or athletic optimization.


I grew up as an athlete and running was and is a big part of my life. But, with athletics, it seemed like I was always treating some sort of ailment, such as plantar fasciitis, sciatica, tendonitis, and muscle imbalances. It was through these recovery endeavors that I learned about massage and manual therapies and the rehabilitative properties that resulted from it. 


I’ve been hooked ever since. From this early personal experience, I  dedicated my education and professional career to learning and practicing massage. My goal at Elevated Balance is to bring to others the relief that I was so fortunate to find. Massage therapy is my profession and my passion.

My Approach

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My mission at Elevated Balance is to treat every individual according to your unique needs. Every session with me is customized and integrates various modalities and techniques of massage. I launched my practice with one goal in mind: to help you. 


Here’s how I do that...


I’m attentive. A key part of what I do is to listen, really listen, to you and your body. I couple my training with my intuition to understand what your body and mind need. These needs will continually change throughout your life. I draw upon my own knowledge, I consult with other practitioners, and I research and strive to grow my skills to ensure that I deliver lasting treatment for you. 


I learn and I teach. Healing happens off my table, too. I empower you to share in the journey with take-home practices and long-term plans for recovery or maintenance. My goal is to make you feel good and relieve your pain and issues in a safe and lasting way. I work in tandem with you to promote your own awareness and participation in the powerful self-healing process. As you learn, I do too.


I treat what life brings. We all have a lot going on in our lives, our minds, and our bodies. In today's age we are constantly transitioning and adapting to new routines. Many of which, we fail to set aside time to maintain our bodies. Maintaining a regular self-care routine helps relieves mental stressors which in turn, prevents physical ailments.

Whatever challenges you face, it’s time to elevate from these obstacles and find the balance to be your best. Massage therapy has myriad benefits. It can:


  • Ease muscle pain and relieve headaches

  • Sooth anxiety, counter depression, and reduce stress levels 

  • Improve sleep and reduce fatigue

  • Boost immunity and reinvigorate your body’s natural defenses

  • Improve circulation by loosening muscles and tendons

  • Increase blood flow throughout your body. Tissue stimulation also helps release toxins through your lymphatic and blood system. 

  • Improve your flexibility and range of movement. 

  • For injury or post-surgery patients, massage is a safe and effective part of your rehabilitation to help you recover from post-injury swelling and pain.

    Please get in touch with me today. Let’s have a conversation about your concerns and your goals. Let’s talk about how massage can harmonize and heal your mind and body. And let’s get you in the door, on the table, and toward an elevated and balanced year ahead.

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